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Slimming cure for medium format camera


The Techart adapter allows Canon EF lenses to be mounted on Fuji medium format cameras, guaranteeing the transmission of exposure data and automatic focusing;
normally I work with the original lenses, which obviously give the best optical and mechanical results, but sometimes I want to travel light, and so I wanted to try the Fuji GFX 50R and Canon EF 40mm f 2.8 couplings;
the native focal length of 40mm is equivalent in the medium format to about 32mm, making this objective of use even more universal, capable of covering most of the subjects of a reportage. The whole weighs 1050 gr including belt and battery, reaching a real record for a medium format camera and lens; you can hardly believe that such a small lens can cover the entire medium format sensor of the Fuji GFX ..
speaking of the belt, I keep my Optech as short as possible adjusted, to be even more "tapered" .. Tanned like this, your 50R will make you pass for tourists, rather than professional photographers, while you, meanwhile, will take beautiful medium format photographs ..
But, of course, there are some technical limitations, and the combination does not always go great .. it depends on the kind of photography you apply to;
as far as portraiture is concerned, the results are excellent, also because the vignetting, congenital to the Canon-Fuji combination, makes good play for this kind of photography and the sharpness in the center is always excellent, even at f 2.8
For the "street-photography" the combination is quite good, and it would be better if it were not for the slowness of the autofocus (even if you can always disable and work with manual focusing)
For landscape photography I detect problems of sharpness and vignetting to the angles of the image: the problem is naturally more pronounced at larger apertures, and decreases a lot by closing the diaphragm - from this point of view I would say that the best compromise is reached at 11: at this diaphragm the vignetting drops dramatically, although the drop in sharpness remains - Corners aside, the overall sharpness of the image is surprisingly good. Chromatic aberration is almost nonexistent.

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