Franco Cogoli

The business card of the soul

Normally, in my portraits, people appear smiling, even in situations where, after all, there shouldn't be much to laugh about, such as in the field of food photography.
Many people ask me why the subjects I portray are smiling, and the explanation is that, for me, the smile is an amplifier of the personality, the visiting card of the soul;
I often try to make my subjects smile, and the louder the laugh, the more personality emerges;
laughter involves all the muscles of the face and each person has their own way of laughing, which makes them unique
There are people who laugh only with their mouths, who also involve the eyes, who the whole face, expression lines emerge, who sweats and turns red, who bends down laughing (in the last two cases, of course, I don't deliver the photo in editorial office ..)
In the following photos, some examples that illustrate how from the way of laughing, personality emerges

This picture was taken on the Renon train in the Dolomites, the laughter brings out two very different personalities, one exuberant and histrionic, while the other, very  nice, but more private, almost shy

The owner of a well-known restaurant in Istria immediately struck me with his energy and sunny disposition, it was easy to make him smile..


The smile of this girl, in Paris,  expresses all the happiness of the moment

Also in this case, with the salesgirls of a truffle shop, in Istria, laughter manifests two different personalities, also creating a greater comic effect.


To unleash this smile, once I glanced at the beautiful girl approaching (on the shores of Lake Geneva, in Switzerland), I placed myself in the center of the lane, pointing the camera at her in a funny way. I then shot with the panning and flash in slow-sync

The owner of the Caffe 'Grande restaurant, in Val Trebbia (Lombardy) has a great personality, which immediately emerges from the bursting laughter


Assunta, Maria and Elsa are the three cooks of Trattoria Alogne, in Puglia, and this photo, taken before the start of the shooting, shows the true personality of the ladies

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