Franco Cogoli


Cellars are one of my favorite subjects, because I find many of the most important themes related to the profession of photographer and I try to interpret them, using only natural light, to create beautiful and evocative images
Churches, modern architecture, museums ... the profession of travel photographer leads me to document the most beautiful architectural realities..
South Tyrolean people and flavors
In South Tyrol, the variety of gastronomic products and the way of cooking them is striking, which derives from the desire to maintain tradition, and innovation, which leads to a continuous refinement of the quality of the products
Food, together with the natural and urban landscape, has been the basis of my work as a travel photographer for many years now. I thank my parents for giving me the passion for good food, which is the basis of my sensitivity in this field.
Cheese and dairies
Huts, dairies and refiners ... a sector, that of cheeses, which best expresses Italian biodiversity and which, as a photographer, allows me to deepen my knowledge of the various types of cultures and landscapes of my country

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