Franco Cogoli

Recent stories

Trentino - Venegia valley
The beautiful Venegia valley in spring
Apulia - Giovinazzo
The beautiful seaside village of Giovinazzo
South Tyrol - Badia valley
Faces of the Ladin tradition
Piedmont - Orta lake
Gastronomic excellence of the Orta lake
The San Fermo church
Lombardy - Pavia
Trip for gourmands around the Certosa di Pavia
Pedmont - San Fiorenzo
The San Fiorenzo church at Bastia Mondovi
Special gardens in Vicenza
In Bassano del Grappa and Rosa ', small gardens with something special
Dante's Verona
In the footsteps of Dante, in the historic center of verona
Aosta valley
Landscapes and flavors of the Aosta Valley in winter
Aosta valley gourmet
Itinerary for gourmands in Val d'Aosta
Dolomites - Boite valley
Secret jewels of the Cadore valley
Friulan Dolomites
At the foot of the Friulian Dolomites, the ancient taste of the valleys
Cortina d'Ampezzo and Boite valley
Traditional recipes and flavors in Cortina d'Ampezzo and the Boite valley
Apulia - Lecce
Greedy shopping in the historic center of Lecce
Padua - Euganean hills
The Euganean hills by bike in autumn
Dolomites - Gardena valley in winter
Exclusive gourmet restaurants in the Gardena valley
Trieste - Costa dei Barbari
Beauties along the coast of the Gulf of Trieste
Munich - The Alte Pinakothek
Visit to one of the oldest and richest art galleries in the world
Val d'Aosta - Mountain gourmet
Two mountain huts where you can eat fine food
Umbria - The wine road
Itinerary along the Wine Road in Umbria
Aosta - Culture&shopping
Having fun in the Valle d'Aosta capital
Liguria - Chiavari
LIguria - Chiavari for gourmands
Lombardy - Naviglio della Martesana
Walking or cycling along the Naviglio della Martesana
The cooking of Vicenza and its hills
Giro d'Italia 2020
Places and flavors of the Giro d'Italia
Padua - Villa dei Vescovi
A splendid 16th century country house
Asolo in autumn
Autumn in Asolo and hills
The rediscovery of Venice
Euganean Hills
Journey through the wonders of the Euganean Hills
Lombardy - Trebbia valley
The Trebbia valley for gourmands
Euganean Hills - Praglia Abbey
An abbey with a thousand-year history set in the beauty of the Euganean Hills
Trip to Molise
La Maddalena Natural Park

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